Top 5 Clothing Brands to wear this winter

Top 5 Clothing Brands to wear this winter

Over the last few years, the Pakistani fashion industry has undergone a huge change and made remarkable progress with fashion improvement. Women in Pakistan have adopted a versatile and creative style sense, with the courage to go bold and follow celebrities. Also online fashion shopping in Pakistan is on the rise according to stores like Affordable and HHDcollection. Most of the top-ranking fashion designers such as Maria B, Nomi Ansari, Sana Safinaz, and HSY have contributed to this huge shift in fashion. This took a lot of hard work and determination to do well. Women in Pakistan are appreciating the numerous fashion brands in the country and this has helped Pakistan make a good image.

Pakistani women have good taste in fashion and are generally fashion enthusiasts. They follow fashion quickly and adapt to the rising fashion trends. This is where credit goes to some reputable fashion brands in the country for introducing Pakistani women to extremely attractive and fashionable ramp-worthy clothing. An average Pakistani woman would want to wear the clothing these brands are releasing each year. Even global celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kate Middleton have represented Pakistani brands at different international platforms.

Here is our list of the top five clothing brands to wear this winter:

#1 – Khaadi

This brand had become an icon in Pakistan. It has a brilliant brand identity and signature styles that fascinate and attract the people of Pakistan. The designs this winter are fresh, trendy, and inventive. Khaadi has made its footprints in different locations worldwide, including the United Kingdom and the Middle East. It has become an international sensation with its amazing apparel for winter and other seasons all year round.

#2 – Saphire

The clothing line of this brand is for everyone, not just a specific age group or gender. You can get daily wear for winter and formal wear as well. The brand is featuring the classical prints and silk features made from 100% pure fabric. The Kurtis are ready to wear and comprise of attractive radiant colors, in different flairs and cuts. Adding diamontes bracelets, gorgeous handbags, earrings, and good shoes can make anyone a masterpiece. Everyone loves these apparels.

#3 – Sana Safinaz

This brand is featuring floral, digital, and abstract prints for winters and will continue to do so well into summers. They recently launched the chic silk and chiffon collection, which is amazing. There has been a lot of buzz and demand for the apparel of this brand. You can get them in ready-mades or unstitched. Sana Safinaz is one of the brands with the most satisfied customers and it is pushing the boundaries by setting new trends for 2020.

#4 – Junaid Jamshed

This brand has some amazing chic styles for both men and women. Since its launch, it has come a long way in providing a collection of clothing, fragrances, and makeup for women.

#5 – Generation

Generation is also a renowned brand and it is making its own image as a brand to wear in winters. There are numerous fans of this brand and as awareness about its 70s styled fashion increases; the brand is bound to be a huge success. Their clothing consists of trendier cuts and pastel colors.