Top 3 Online Stores to Buy Gaming Accessories in Pakistan

Online gaming is at its peak nowadays. The corona pandemic made us all inclined towards at-home stuff. We had to look for options to keep ourselves busy while stuck inside, and online gaming did that perfectly. Hours passed by just like seconds when you are too much into it, and it has been the best time-pass for the last two months. There are a few online brands that are out there in the field doing perfect work. Below are the top three gaming brands online in Pakistan that helped us remaining busy.


ITDukan is one of the best and the biggest online brands for gaming accessories and IT-related products. Not just gaming, but you will find all the technological stuff here at a reasonable price. There are audio items, mobile accessories, gaming products, PC/laptops, imaging devices, and computer components. These are the broad categories that are further subdivided into subgroups that make the buying process easy. The gaming products category is grouped into gaming chassis and casings, headphones, keyboards, mouse, mousepads, RAMs, graphic cards, power supply, motherboards, and processors. There is a subcategory named “gaming products,” that has other than the mentioned items.


Shophive has all the gaming products that game-lovers need. This category has a wide range of products that cover even the minutest item required for gaming. You will find all types of laptops and notebooks, graphic cards, computer accessories, mobile phones, gaming chairs, digital codes, LED monitors, and much more. In these categories, you will find almost all the gaming accessories that allow you to maximize your gaming experience. Well, keep in mind that PakDukaan.com isn’t an IT-specific store as non-technical things are also available at the store.


Telemart.pk is one of the oldest and the biggest online marketplaces for technical products. Since gaming is a product of IT, telemart has an exclusive broad category for this. The product range is vast, covering the biggest to the smallest gaming accessory required for playing. Telemart is itself a brand, but it also serves as a platform for other brands to sell their products. Therefore, you will find items of different qualities and names.

The world of online gaming is vast and is keeping on expanding. The corona lockdown allowed the manufacturers to bring more innovation; therefore, a lot of new games have been introduced and the existing ones have been advanced. If you haven’t enjoyed online gaming yet, do it now before the lockdown is over and you may never get this ample amount of time ever again in life. Make the most of this period and enjoy your time indoors while staying home and staying safe.