Pakistan’s rank drops in Huawei Global Connectivity Index

Pakistan's rank drops in Huawei Global Connectivity Index

Despite making rapid advancements, Pakistan still has a long way to go when it comes to digital transformation as the country was placed 76th out of 79 countries at the Huawei Global Connectivity Index (GCI) 2019.

As per the latest index, Pakistan only managed a GCI Score of 27 out of 120 and it continues to scores low in the GCI indicators that measure the supply side. Last year, Pakistan was placed 75th among 79 countries, with a GCI score of 26.

As per the report, investment in IT, telecoms, and bandwidth all score just 2 points, far below the global average this year. Internet penetration remains low, with the volume of mobile broadband services exceeding the fixed broadband sector. Smartphone penetration continues to increase, and user experience metrics in terms of customer services have improved this year.

“Broadband access in Pakistan, in particular, remains limited, but this sector of the market is finally starting to expand, receiving a massive boost from the arrival of mobile broadband. The country has been pursuing an aggressive IT policy, aimed at boosting Pakistan’s drive for economic modernization. Of special significance has been the administration’s provisioning of e-government services,” stated the Global Connectivity Index.

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However, the situation is improving with the Digital Transformation Initiative aims to provide the digital infrastructure that facilitates citizen services, and other e-government services are supporting Pakistan’s IT sector.

“This will introduce digitalization in various departments to ensure transparency, build trust, and save citizens’ energy and time. A Centralized Knowledge Economy Authority (CKEA) will also be established with the goal of boosting the economy by creating jobs and making IT the top contributor to exports. Other initiatives have also been introduced to support education, research, and business opportunities in artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and cloud computing,” it added.

Huawei’s GCI measures how nations are progressing with digital transformation using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It is a quantitative assessment that comprehensively evaluates connectivity from both a national and industrial perspective.