Over 100 Billion Messages Exchanged through WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve

Over 100 Billion Messages Exchanged through WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp is one of the simplest communication apps throughout the world that’s used for messages and media exchanges regularly. With the inception of WhatsApp, iMessage and other text message services have lost their mojo among users. albeit WhatsApp requires internet service, most of the people around the world use it for text messaging.

On new year’s eve, WhatsApp broke all records by recording over 100 billion messages sent through the app. The new revelation by WhatsApp has taken everyone by shock. the info further shows that only 20 Billion of those messages are from Indian users. aside from it, about 12 billion messages sent through the app were within the sort of images.

In a tweet, WhatsApp mentioned that these record-breaking messages were sent only during the 24-hour duration of the New Year’s eve. Imagine, 100 billion messages in only 24 hours? Astonishing!

The UK and other countries weren’t behind, because the data suggests over 900 million messages were sent within the united kingdom during the New Year’s eve on WhatsApp.

The data shows how rapidly WhatsApp is moving ahead and still remains the amount one choice of individuals everywhere in the world. Not barely you’ll send messages, but you’ll also send media messages, put stories, send location, etc. in encryption.

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WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 in just 19 billion dollars and today the app is far more worthwhile than it had been before. it’s one among the foremost favorite apps of individuals throughout the world.

With over 1.5 billion active users, the amount of messages still remains an intriguing question. This shows how rapidly WhatsApp is increasing in its worth and replacing other traditional sorts of messaging. Let’s see where the amount will skyrocket within the next year!