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Huawei teases its first Smart OLED TV

Huawei teases its first Smart OLED TV

Huawei has released several posters teasing its upcoming Smart OLED TV. The tech giant plans on revealing their Huawei Smart TV X65 which is all set to have a 65” OLED display panel, marking Huawei’s debut TV in the OLED department.

Alongside the massive display, Huawei is planning on integrating 14 under-display speakers, for a better, front-firing sound experience. Users will be able to calibrate their speakers to create a personalised surround sound audio profile.

The TV is also expected to feature a 24 MP, motorised, retractable camera on the top of the display. The pop-up camera will enable the user to make video calls as well as take pictures with their television set. Ambient sensors will also be integrated into the TV to adjust the screen image for better, natural colours.

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The Smart TV will feature the Hongmeng OS, Huawei’s very own operating software. Richard Yu, the CEO at Huawei Consumer Business Group has also said that the TV set will feature an all-new means of control. He has not yet mentioned what that means of control will be, but predictions have been made of a gesture-based means of remote controlling which could involve the pop-up camera.

No other details of the TV have been released yet. However, the company plans on unveiling the new Smart TV this Wednesday, on the 8th of April.