Daraz partners with KSBL to provide community of 30,000 sellers access to specialized courses in business leadership

In order to empower a growing community of 30,000 marketplace sellers, Daraz University has partnered up with Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL) to curate specialized courses that will not only equip sellers with the skills they need to become successful business leaders but also provide them with certifications.

Daraz, the leading online platform in the country, focuses significantly on education to enable the community of marketplace sellers – a large majority of which are SMEs – and to help them optimize their digital ventures. Through Daraz University, sellers have immediate and easy access to free-of-cost education and training as part of a continuous learning process.

Through the collaboration with KSBL, a leading graduate management school in Pakistan, Daraz’ community of marketplace sellers will have exclusive access to tailored courses which will enable them to reach their true potential. While the first course designed by KSBL is already available on DU, over the course of the next few months, several other courses will be made available to sellers.

The course offered by KSBL are carefully developed in the context of Pakistan and keeping the needs of small and medium enterprises in mind. It contains video lectures, animated illustrations, real life examples, webinars and case studies among others. At the end of each course, the seller would be tested via an online multiple choice questions test and upon successful completion, the seller would be eligible for certification. It enriches the leadership capacity, team working abilities and problem solving skills of individuals taking this course.

“At Daraz, we want sellers to be ready for success and we believe that having the right skills and knowledge are key to successfully set up and operate an online business. We are very proud of our collaboration with KSBL and for the opportunity to offer certifications to our sellers and we are confident that the partnership will yield enormous benefit to our community of sellers,” said Syed Faraz Ali, Global Head Seller Marketplace Daraz.

“At KSBL, our purpose is to develop leaders who can make meaningful contributions to society, through consistently ethical decision-making, knowledge, and humility.We believe that people are the only enduring source of competitive advantage. We further believe that the best way to invest in people is to provide them with a framework which enables and accelerates their development into leaders.By providing such a framework, KSBL will help enhance the capabilities of Daraz’ community of marketplace sellers,” said Mr. Mubashar Hameed, incumbent Rector KSBL.